Sunday, October 07, 2012

Baby #23: Merrily We Roll Along, AGAIN?!

So much has happened since I saw Alex in that office. It started off with me jumping out of my chair and giving him a huge hug. Then it ended with me explaining everything to a very confused Matthew. I don't even think that we spoke once about my book that day. We just sat and caught up with each other. Speaking of my book, after that first meeting I scheduled another appointment to actually discuss it. Well, that meeting was more like a lunch at the Bistro. I was excited to hear him tell me that it would be able to be published in the next couple of months. Excited isn't even the right word to use. I was more like, what's the word... ECSTATIC.

The past couple of months have been great. Alex and I have been quickly starting our friendship again. I can't even explain how good it is to have him back with me. I've missed him for so many years. We've once again come to the point where we are inseparable. We are constantly either texting, talking in person, talking on the phone, skyping, etc. The only time we aren't in contact is when we're asleep. He's great with the kids too. They are all a big fan of him. Chase especially.

As for the kids, all of them all have grown beautifully.

Ashton is quite handsome. His nose is so adorable! He still practices Sim Fu daily and has recently mastered the skill. He's very close with his younger sisters Mackenzie, Amy, and Cara and visits them frequently. After he became a young adult, he sent his resume into a local Sim Fu academy. I was very happy for him when I learned that he was accepted. He now teaches young school aged children five days a week. I'm thinking of bringing the kids to get some free lessons.

The triplets are absolutely gorgeous. Amy(to the left) is still a bit shy, but she's doing excellent in school. She's joined the debate club and has a gift for public speaking. She wants to become the mayor of Sunset Valley when she's older. I know that it probably won't happen, considering it's a tough road when it comes to politics, but I still encourage her to try her best. She got a bit mad at me when I took a picture of her in her pajamas. I still think she looks cute!

Cara is stunning. She's my little bookworm. She reads every minute of her spare time and shares my love of writing. She's formed a book club with a few of her friends from school and they all meet here every Wednesday. I'm always told by them that my cookies are the best! I mean, I don't mean to brag...

Mackenzie is more of a Gothic girl. The polar opposite of her two sisters. She loves to dress in dark colors and listen to, er, interesting music. She is a very talented guitar player and is in a band with a few other kids. At one point she asked me to get a belly-button ring. Of course I said no, but she got one anyway. I'll have to keep an eye out for her.

Elle still loves to get herself into trouble. I've already gotten calls from her school that she's caused chaos. Clogging toilets, setting whoopee cushions, and rigging sinks to spray are just a few of her specialties. Despite all of the constant mayhem she causes, she's still a sweet girl. She loves to help her younger siblings with anything they need and is constantly asking me for tasks to assign to her. She's a hard worker and very determined in general.

Jayden(on the left) has strange blonde hair and my mother's purple eyes. Despite not getting any of his father's features, he's still very cute. He's shown an interest in the toy fire engine that I bought him a while ago. I often wonder if that's what he'll become.

Chase, my little vampire, has his father's jet black hair and my mother's purple eyes. He has the same eyes as his brother except they glow. He's shown no signs of being aggressive which has put me at ease.

The next father in my challenge is named Clifton Cruz. He has dark blue hair with light blue and purple highlights. His eyes are also dark blue and his skin is a beautiful shade of chocolate brown. I would love for the baby(or babies!) to look like him.

One afternoon, while I was making lunch, I heard a knock on the door. After hearing the triplets all shout, "I got it!" I continued cooking. I heard them all pushing each other out of the way, all trying to get their hands on the doorknob. I sighed, layed the the spoon I was using, and squeezed myself between them all(which wasn't easy because a bit large at the time). I opened the door and gasped. Their father and one of my best friends, Logan Fey, was standing on my front porch. I gave him a huge hug and then prepared myself for the stampede. All of the girls spread their arms open wide and ran towards their father. They hadn't seen him since they were toddlers.

"Dad!" Amy shouted.

"I've missed you so much!" Mackenzie exclaimed.

"I can't believe you're here!" Cara chimed in beaming.

(Please ignore the fact that Logan is a fairy. He really isn't, but for some reason when I went into CAS to try and get rid of the wings, they wouldn't go away. Even if I made him human)

Logan stared at his girls and then a smile slowly spread across his face.

"Chloe! Why didn't you tell me they were so beautiful?" He pulled them all into a hug.

"I sent you pictures!" I replied. Everyone had a smile on their faces. "Anyway, why are you here? You live all the way in Sunlit Tides!"

"Well, I wanted to talk to you about something, so I used it as an excuse to visit." He  shrugged.

"Alright..." I couldn't tell what he was getting at. "Let's sit in the living room. I'll bring out some juice boxes."

"Juice boxes?" He snickered.

"It's all I have!" I giggled. It did sound funny.

I brought out the juice boxes and set them on the coffee table.

"So, what's up? What's so important that you came all the way from Sunlit Tides?" I laughed.

"Becks is moving there too." He replied.

"Wh-what?" I stated shocked. "Becks is leaving?! She can't leave! You just left!" My words start to jumble together.

"That's what I came here to talk about. We both want you to move to Sunlit Tides too. Becks bought a house right across the street from me and there's another up for sale immediately down the street. We'd have our own little, uh, township!" His face lit up.

"Move? But-but I just moved here! I've barely lived in this house!"

He sighed. "I know, but this house is perfect for you. Trust me. You'll love it! It's not the same without you and Becks. That's why I convinced her and am trying to convince you!" He gave me a puppy dog face. "Pleeeeeeeease?"

I actually thought about it. Sunlit Tides is a gorgeous place. I knew it too. Matthew and I had vacationed there. The kids loved it, he loved it, and I loved it. What more was there to think about?

"Fine. I'll move to Sunlit Tides." I felt the words roll off my tongue.

Logan looked satisfied with himself. He hopped up and gave me a hug.

"Just so you know", he started, "Becks sent me." He smirked.

I rolled my eyes. "I should have known."

He then got up to leave, but I stopped him.

"Hey Logan?" I called.


"One more thing." I walked over to him and whispered in his ear. "You and Becks need to hook up."

He blushed. "As soon as you and that red head over there do." He pointed to Alex and winked at me. The smile quickly faded from my face.

"Alex is my friend, Logan. You know that." I replied seriously.

"Whatever you say", he said. "Whatever you say." He then turned and walked out of the door.

After Logan left, I took a nice hot shower and changed my clothes. I thought about the fact that I was moving yet again. I knew Matthew would be ok with it. He'd go wherever I would go. He's just that type of person which is why I love him. What bothered me more is that I just got my friendship with Alex back, and now I'd be leaving him behind.

Considering he was already at my house like he is almost everyday, I found him in the living room and explained everything.

"Alex, I'm moving." I mumbled.

"What?" He asked. "I didn't catch that." I looked into his innocent, big, blue eyes and felt terrible. I knew this would upset him.

"I'm moving." I repeated.

He frowned. "Where?"

"Sunlit Tides." I didn't dare look him in the eyes. I didn't want to see the pain that I knew would fill them.

"I'm coming with you." I heard him say.

'What?!" My head shot back up. I couldn't believe what I had just heard.

"I said, I'm coming with you.

"Alex, no. I couldn't ask you to do that." I explained.

"You didn't ask. I told you." He said firmly.

I gaped at him. 'But, your job! Your family! Your friends!"

"Chloe, I can get another job. In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty damn good at what I do. My family lives in Twinbrook so they're already very far away. Lastly, to answer your question, the only friend that matters to me this much is you."

"Alex, I can't believe you. You are truly amazing." I gave him a hug.

"I know, I know. You don't need to remind me." He said playfully. "So, when do we leave?"

"Whenever possible, I guess. I still have to tell Matthew." I replied guiltily.

"Meh, he'll be fine with it. I've worked with him for a while now. He loves travel." He reassured with a smile.
A few months later I was watching the kids, Alex, and Matthew play in the pool. By now Matthew and I had discussed moving and he was completely ok with it. Ok isn't even the word. He was excited! So were all of the kids. Chase and Jayden were inside napping. Something I wish I could do more often.  I was laying in the lounge chair when I felt my water break. Looks like a nap wouldn't be an option right now.
I waddled quickly to the nursery where I gave birth to a giggly baby boy. Baby #23 Bradley Moreau.


  1. lol Becks >.<
    Getting Logan to do your dirty work LOL
    only one more to go >:D (I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE HANNAH)
    And where have you been? Becks and Logan already hooked up >.<
    But Chloe and Alex .... ;)
    tee hee hee Bradley :3
    ~Amiee <3

    1. Yes xD

      YAY!!!!!!!! :D

      LOL XD

      I know xD But, I mean, OFFICIALLY xD <3


      HE BE SO CUTE ^_^


  2. ALEX. *screams* I love him so much! :)

    They must get together. *shoves them into a hug* They must. I like Matthew too, but I just... hufeitgbeajtb; :D

    Elle is so pretty and I love her wings! Hehe, whoopie cushions. :3

    And Bradley! He's so adorable! Chloe's children are all so gorgeous. ^_^

    Great job! I can't wait to see the next post! (and to see Sunlit Tides again, it's so pretty!)

    1. I DO TOO <3

      I LOVE THEM BOTH ;__;

      I know! <3 I love her ^_^

      Thanks ^_^

      Thanks again! :D I love Sunlit Tides! I can't wait to move Chloe there :) Logan is actually the one making my house xD


  3. Bahaha, Logan's a fairy. Meh, I had that a similar problem. I tried to change the wings on this fairy but they wouldn't change. >.<

    OMG, I love the challenge father this time around. His hair is awesome! :D

    Ooh, Chloe's moving to Sunlit Tides! Awesome! I wish I had that world. It looks so beautiful!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. It's so annoying -_-

      I love him too! :D I hope the baby has his hair :3

      It really is :) I got it for free *cough* ;)


  4. Haha Logan's a fairy!!

    I like Alex, he seems very nice :)

    Chloe is moving to Sunlit Tides, Yaay!

    Great chapter Chloe :)

    1. I know xD I thought that was funny. I don't know why. He just showed up that way xD

      I like him too :)

      Yay!!! I am so excited! It's one of my favorite towns :D

      Thanks! :)


  5. Hehe! Great entry! Sunlit Tides is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see that! And Logan, poor non-fairy boy...*sigh* Oh well! Your kids are gorgeous as well!

    1. Thank you! :)

      I know! I love Sunlit Tides!

      Thank you again! :D


    Our daughters are so beautiful, and amazing, and wonderful <3
    Awesome chapter! <3

    1. :DDDDDD

      For some reason the song Last Friday Night popped into my head >.< I have a feeling that's what it's going to be like >.<

      I KNOW >.<


      Thanks! :D