Thursday, June 07, 2012

Babies #1 and #2

I called a taxi to pick me up in half an hour to take me to my new house. It was going to be hard leaving home, but I would need to do it eventually.
I gave my dad a hug and I saw tears in his eyes. I felt bad for leaving them alone. My brothers had moved out a few months ago to start their careers and it broke my parents' hearts. I told him I'd visit as often as I could and I'd bring his grandkids with me. That put a smile on his face.
I then walked over to my mom. She pulled me into a gentle hug and told me she'd miss me.
"I'll miss you too, mom."
I then walked out the door leaving my childhood home behind and ready to take on the the every day world of an adult.
I hopped into the taxi but not before taking one last look at my house. I hope I'll live in a house like that someday.
The house I had bought was on the other side of town. It had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a small living room. It was smaller than my old house, but it was perfect to start off my challenge. Plus the backyard was full of space.
The moment I stepped inside my stomach started to growl. So, I went into the fridge and got out some ingredients to make some waffles.

I put the waffles in the oven and set the timer for 10 minutes.
I peeked inside to see if they were done and they looked a golden brown. And they smelled delicious!
I walked over to the table and dug in. They tasted even better than they smelled! I felt proud of myself too because it was the first meal I had ever cooked!

I finished them in no time.
I then decided to stop by my neighbor's house to introduce myself. I rang the doorbell and patiently waited outside.
I said hello and told him my name and that I was his new neighbor. He introduced himself as Steve Shye. He had jet black hair and purple eyes. His eye brows made him look as though he was always worried. We talked a little outside and then he invited me in.
Here's a picture of him.
I decided now to ask him.
"Um, I'm doing a 100 baby challenge. Do you know what that is?"
He nodded his head yes.
"Well, I was wondering if you'd be the first father. You have beautiful eyes that I would love to see in my children." He smiled at that compliment.

"Yes, I would love to participate. I've always wanted children but most women aren't interested in me. As you can see I'm pretty weak..."
"Alright then. Do you want to get started?"
We started to kiss and then made our way to the bedroom.
Baby #1 has been conceived!
After all of the excitement it got pretty late. And I know I shouldn't have, but I fell asleep!
When I did wake up, it was nearly two in the morning. I quietly got out of bed and prepared to leave but then felt guilty. I wrote Steve a note and then left immediately.
The second I got home I fell asleep in my own bed.
The next morning I woke up and had some cereal. I looked around the kitchen/living room and really noticed how small it was. I hope I didn't have to live here for long. It would be too cramped for the amount of kids that would be living here.

I went back into my bedroom and got dressed. I especially like those heals I'm wearing!

I brushed my teeth and then headed out the door.
I had decided to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up some seeds to plant a garden. It would bring in fresh food and I'd make some money off of it too. While I was there I saw Darlene Bunch and Michael Bachelor. They were playing tag on the sidewalk.
  When I got home I planted all of my seeds. Two apple trees, some grapes, lettuce, and tomatoes.

 When I had finished with my garden, I heard something hit the front door. It was the paper. I thanked the little girl who delivered it and brought it inside. The front page read: Dawn Turner's 100th Baby has Arrived! Read Dawn's challenge here.

I flipped to the section where it went into more detail. All it said was that famous challenge mom Dawn Turner had completed her challenge. Nothing about the baby was released though. The gender and the name would remain a mystery until she was ready to go public.
Around 1 o'clock I started to get hungry. I then realized I had forgotten about lunch. I began to walk over to the fridge when a wave of nausea hit me.
I quickly ran to the bathroom and threw up into the toilet. It was not pleasant. I don't know how I would be able to do this 100 times.
I flushed the toilet and then rinsed my mouth out with mouth wash.
 I was still pretty hungry so I made myself some mac and cheese.
I burnt it!
It wasn't as good as my waffles, but it was fine. Definitely crispy, but fine. I reminded myself to improve my cooking skill.
I grabbed a book from my book shelf and began reading but I was interrupted.
I was pregnant! My first little boy/girl was on their way!
After I changed into more comfortable clothes, I went to bed. I was exhausted.
The next morning I did my laundry.
 I tended to my garden.
 Look at how fast my trees are growing!
I watered my grapes and tomatoes.
I bought some baby stuff which arrived in the mail this morning.

Everything was yellow. I wasn't sure if I was having a boy or a girl because I wanted it to be a surprise the first time.
I took the laundry out of the washer and put it into the dryer. Ugh! Chores! But hey, I would have to get used to it, right?

I really need new appliances.
I reluctantly paid the bills

then got my clean laundry. It smells so fresh!
Gosh! My back was killing me!
I took a nap and when I woke up...

I discovered my belly had grown a lot! Was I carrying more than one?!

I tended to my garden again. It seemed as though my trees were growing as fast as my stomach!

My grapes were starting to pop out of the ground also.
I took a trip to the local library later on in the afternoon. Those flowers really caught my eye. Maybe I'd plant some in front of my house.

I found a book about preparing for birth and taking care of newborns. I got sucked into it. There were so many things I never knew about that really interested me!

Considering it was a long book, I was there until about 9 o'clock at night. I returned the book to the shelf and went home.
The second I got home I had planned on going to bed. But this baby had other plans. A sharp pain coursed through my abdomen and I hunched over grasping my stomach. I let out a small yelp. I hadn't expected the pain to be so bad! I drove to the hospital immediately.
When I got there a nurse put me in a wheelchair and pushed me to the delivery room. I told them to call Steve and they did. It took an hour for them to reach him and meanwhile I was lying in a bed trying not to scream at everyone that came near me.
When Steve finally did arrive he seemed like he didn't know what to do. I don't blame him. I wouldn't know how to comfort a woman giving birth either!
Finally, after five long hours of pushing and screaming, two beautiful baby girls arrived early in the morning. Baby #1 Alpha Moreau. Alpha means first born.

Baby #2 Zola Moreau. As soon as she was born I could tell she was a shy one like her daddy. When I held her it took her a while before she opened her eyes and when she did she immediately closed them and began crying. Zola means shy, peaceful, and quiet.
As soon as I knew I had had twins, I bought another crib. Look at my beautiful little girls. They both fell asleep the moment I put them in their cribs. I could immediately tell they would be easy babies.


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    1. Thanks! I can't wait to see what they look like :)

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  3. Thanks :) I got most of the stuff of off the sims resource. I found the website and I kinda went crazy :D

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