Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby #6: Unexpected

Like always, time flew by and it was time for the kids to age up. I gently picked up Lucas from his crib and stared into his cute little face.
I snuggled him close and treasured every second of it. My first little boy. He cooed and smiled a toothless smile up at me.

I called the girls in from outside and they ran over to their birthday cake. It was so hard to see them rapidly getting older. One more birthday and they would be gone.

I hid my emotions and joined in with the celebration!

Baby #1 Alpha grew out her black hair. Her father's worried expression was more visible on her face now. She still looked nothing like me.

Baby #2 Zola cut her hair and tied it into two pigtails. She was slowly coming out of her shell and I was proud of her. Her love of ballet hasn't died down. She still takes lessons unlike her sister who is aspiring to be a singer.

Baby #3 Fern was the first of my kids to get my blue hair. She looked so much like I did when I was her age. She was like me in every way.

Fiona kept her hair in the same style as I had made it when she was a toddler. She was a very curious little girl. And artistic too! Just like her mom. I loved her gorgeous purple eyes.
Lucas aged last. He had his father's purple eyes and tanned skin. I was shocked when I saw his hair color. I had no idea where it came from. Despite the surprise, I still thought he was an adorable little boy.
After the kids aged up, everyone went outside. It was a beautiful day. Alpha and Zola ventured back to the trampoline. That was still their favorite part of the house. I looked out the window every morning while I was preparing breakfast to see them jumping in their pajamas.

Fiona went over to the sand box right away and started building a small castle. In my mind I wondered if she would become an architect with her artistic skill and interest in designing.
Fern also went to the sand box. I'm not exactly sure what she was making because she was tossing the sand around the entire time and it made a big cloud of dust.

Lucas just sat and watched everyone. He seemed very interested in the trampoline but I wouldn't let him go on.
While I kept an eye on the kids, I continued working on my sculpting skill.

Later in the afternoon I impregnated myself with Aaron Parker's baby. He has blond hair and light blue eyes. He's also very pale and muscular.
Later that night I decided to make the kids an extra special dinner since I had finally mastered my cooking skill! I was making grilled salmon. My mouth started watering just when I was cooking it!

The kids loved the meal. Fern even asked for a second serving. She really liked it! I discovered it was her favorite food. Fiona on the other hand didn't really like the thought of eating a fish. She politely excused herself.

The following morning Alpha came up to me.
"Mom? Can I ask you something?"
"Sure hon, what's up?"
"Well, there's this new boarding school opening in a few weeks. It's specifically for the arts. I was wondering if I could go. It's got this great program and the honors coarses are amazing. It's the perfect school for me."
I pondered the thought in my mind. It did sound like a great school. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to let her go...
"I'll think about it Alpha. So far, though, you've got me pretty much persuaded." I smiled at her.

"Thanks mom."
After the older kids left for school I thought I'd take Lucas to the park. It was a nice day, there was a slight breeze, and I had nothing better to do. I thought I'd spend some quiality time with my son. I attempted to dress him but he insisted on wearing his pajamas. I didn't really care. I let him. Right when we arrived his face lit up. He saw the swings and toddled over. I put him on the seat and put my hands over his to make sure he wouldn't fall. But, like any other toddler, he lost interest within minutes. He walked over by the bushes and played in the dirt. I'll have to give him a bath later.

There wasn't really much I could do so I was about to walk over to a picnic table when a slightly familiar woman with blue hair came up to me. I then realized I was looking at Skye Everard. She was a challenge mother like me. Inside, I squealed with delight. I had finally met a challenge mother! Outside, I was calm and put a smile on my face.
"Hi!" She said. "Aren't you Chloe Moreau?" I was genuinely stunned. She recognized me?!

"Yes, I am. You're Skye Everard! I can't believe I'm talking to you! This is amazing! I've been hoping I'd meet another challenge mother. How do you know who I am?" I started rambling. I kind of lost it. I was a little excited... Ok, ok. A lot excited.
"You were in an article in the newspaper. It listed new challenge mothers and how far they've gotten. I came to the park today and saw you over here. I thought I'd introduce myself."

It then dawned on me why I didn't see that article. Stupid cat. Skye and I started talking some more. It turns out we have a lot in common. We both have blue hair(not the same shade of course), we love Phantom of the Opera, we are challenge mothers, and we have the same favorite color. We also exchanged some tips on parenting. Well, she had more of course. I'm only on my fifth baby. We started talking about our kids when I had to  quickly excuse myself.

I ran to the bathroom but both doors were locked.
"You have to be kidding me", I managed to choke out before I puked all over the pavement.
To make things worse, the paprazzi got quite a few pictures of me blowing chunks. I knew those would make the papers.
When I got back I told Skye I needed to head home. The kids would be getting home from school soon and Lucas was getting hungry. She understood. We exchanged info and promised to keep in touch. I think I've made myself a friend!

(You can see the Alto's house if you look out the window!)
When I returned home I fed Lucas and then asked Alpha to sit at the table so I could talk to her.
"Am I in trouble? Because if I am I'm really sorry for whatever I did", she asked.
"No." I laughed. "You're not in trouble. It's a good thing. I've made up my mind. You can go to the boarding school."
"Really? Oh my gosh mom! Thank you so much! I'm so excited! When can I go?"
"Actually. You're able to leave tomorrow if you want. But you would have to pack tonight."
Alpha literally jumped out of her seat.
"Oh mom! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me! I love you so much!"
"I love you more."
About twenty minutes later our doorbell rang and it was Arlo Bunch. Zola and Arlo have become best friends and they are constantly in contact woth each other. They'll be texting, instant messaging, calling, or just talking in person 24/7. They are attached at the hip! Lately though, Zola has developed feelings for him and was afraid to say anything. Her prom is this Thursday and she wants to go with him but is afraid to ask for fear of him turning her down. When he showed up tonight, I had a feeling he was going to ask her. And he did! I was so happy for Zola. She was going to have a great time.
The following morning I made french toast. Today was going to be the last morning Alpha would be here for breakfast so I wanted to make it special.

Everyone told Alpha they were going to miss her. Zola especially. Alpha was her twin. She'd be a little lonely without her other half around. I knew I had made the right decision though. Alpha would gain skills to enter the singing career anf Zola would have to learn to be more independent.
After the kids went to school a taxi arrived for Alpha. I helped her get her things in the trunk and then pulled her in for a hug. I would miss her so much. She got in the taxi and was on her way. I saw a tear roll down her cheek and she waved goodbye through the window. I watched the car travel down the street until it was out of view. That was probably the hardest thing I've ever done.
After Alpha left I called a baby sitter to watch Lucas and went to Performance Park to watch Simfest. I needed something to take my mind off of things.
I was really enjoying it! Some of the performers were very talented!

My favorite was the magician.
When I returned home I played with Lucas for a bit. He loved it when I ticked him.

I then laid him down for a nap. He seemed very tired. He fell asleep soon after. He looked so peaceful.

I decided to paint some more while I waited for the kids to come home from school. My phone ringing interupted me.

It was Alpha calling to tell me she had arrived at school.
"It's amazing mom! You should see it!" She sounded so excited.
"Send pictures!" I told her. "I miss you already."
After I hung up I did the laundry. There was a lot of it and I found myself having to do it more often. I guess that's what happens when you have five troublesome kids in the house.

I tried to play the piano and I discovered I really liked it. Maybe I'll take a class after the baby is born.
At around three thirty Fern and Fiona arrived home. I was wondering where Zola was because her school lets's out at two. I figured she was at art class but then realized it was Wednesday and she has her classes on Thursday. I was really beginning to worry. When five o'clock came around  I was about to call the police but then I heard the door open. She walkd in and I gasped.
Her hair was blond and she had hot pink tips. I was furious that she did this without my permission and through the process had me worried sick.

"Zola! Where have you been?! I was about to call the police! You had me scared half to death! And what did you do to you're hair!!??" I was furious.
"God mom. All I did was get it dyed. Why do you care?" She snapped.
"Go to your room, Zola. I'm very disappointed in you. I'll talk to you about this later. And you will be dying your hair black again."
"Not if I can help it..." she muttered.
"What was that?"
I went back to my painting to cool myself down after scolding Zola.
I finished my painting after four hours. I tend to paint a lot when I'm angry or sad. I sold it for 272$. It was one of my best paintings yet!
By the time I was finished I was exhausted. I went to bed and fell asleep right away.
That morning I woke up to a pain in my abdomen. The baby was coming. But then I realized it hurt more than it ever had before. Something didn't feel right.

I quickly changed and went to the hospital.

When I got there they told me some devastating news. I wasn't expecting anything like this to ever happen. I pushed for hours and the pain was terrible. But then, late at night, after over twelve hours of labor, I gave birth to a baby girl that I named Grace. The only thing that made her different from my other children was that when she was born, she didn't make a sound. The nurse wrapped her in a soft pink blanket and asked if I wanted to hold her. I nodded my head yes. I held that baby in my arms and didn't want to let her go. My throat choked up but I wouldn't let myself cry. It saddened me to know that I would never see that baby grow up.

When I got home the kids all asked where their new sibling was. I just told them that she wasn't able to live with us and that she was needed in a better place. I slowly walked to my room and didn't even have enough energy to make it to my bed. This was definitely unexpected and I didn't know how to deal with it.

Note~ I wasn't planning on having this in the story line at all. What actually happened was when Chloe was giving birth, a glitch or something happened and she wouldn't have the baby. She just stood there and wouldn't do anything. So, I ended her pregnancy. I was more than half way done with this post so I didn't want to have to rewrite it again so I just worked her having a still born into the story.

Thank you's~ Thank you so much Skye Everard for letting me have you appear in my story! Read Skye's challenge here


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