Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby #5: It's About Time!

It was official. My house was sold. Ever since Fiona and Fern were born, it's been very cramped in this small home. Try fitting four cribs into a tiny room! A few days after they were born I had gone house hunting. I found a beautiful house with four bedrooms and a large living area. It was perfect for my growing family.

After waking the girls up I made sure all of the boxes were packed and ready to go. They took up the space where my furniture had once been.

Soon I heard little feet toddling into the room. It was Alpha. She stood there sucking on her thumb until I turned around to face her.
"What's wrong honey?"

"I don't wanna move!" Her little eyes started to water and her lip curled. I picked her up.
"But sweetheart this house is too small. Don't you want to have a room for yourself?"
"Yes", she sniffled. "But I like this house."
"You'll like the new house even better! There's a sandbox!"
"What if I don't like it?"

"Well, then you'll have to have a vistit from the tickle monster to change your mind!" Alpha squealed with delight. Her face twisted into surprise.

"No mommy no!"

After playing with Alpha I called a taxi to pick us up to move. I hadn't lived in this house too long, but it was full of memories. I started my challenge here.

Here's the house.
In the living room there was a TV, a desk and computer, an easel, a book shelf, a small piano, toys, a foosball table, and a sitting area. There was a lot to choose from!
The kitchen had the most expensive appliances and was very large. It connected right to the living room. The views looking out the windows are amazing!

Connecting to the living room/kitchen is a long hallway leading to all of the bedrooms and the bathroom.

The first of four bedrooms, and my favorite, is the master bedroom. It was my favorite color!
The girls room was absolutely gorgeous. It was entirely pink and had a bunch of toys for the girls to play with. It was decorated very nicely and was very large. I love the carpet!

I really liked the bathroom. It was also blue like the master suite. It was as though this house was created especially for me!

 The boys room was red and had an outerspace theme to it. The wallpaper had a bunch of different planets on it. It was cute but I wondered if I would ever get to use it!

The nursery had a jungle theme. The cribs were adorable and the kids loved this room.

The yard had a sandbox, a trampoline, hopscotch, an inventing table, and a sculpting table. The stairs from the wrap around porch led into the back yard which was convient.

When we got to our new house,I aged the kids up. As much as I didn't want to, they were old enough and had learned all of their skills. Fern went first. She had my hair(my first baby to have that hair!) and blue eyes. She looked exactly like me except for her head shape. I wasn't quite sure who's nose she had yet.

Fiona had her daddy's green hair and my mom's purple eyes. She definitely had my nose and lips.
I can't believe my first little babies were growing up so fast! Alpha was the spitting image of her father. She had his hair, his nose, his worried expression, everything! She was the more outgoing of the twins.

Zola still looked very much like her sister. It was easier to tell them apart now that they were older and had different hair styles. Zola was very shy. She was uncomfortable around people she didn't know. She likes to spend her time alone.
Later that night I went to visit my dad. He was having a party tonight so I brought Alpha and Zola along to meet their grandparents. Alpha loved my dad. She was talking to him for hours and they were playing tag all night. It was great to be home again.

Throughout the entire night I noticed Alpha with my dad, but I also noticed Zola was playing alone out in the front yard. This all must be overwhelming for her. I was about to go talk to her when I saw my brother Elliot wave her over to where he was standing.

She seemed a bit hesitant at first but then walked over. I watched from the window and she seemed happier. They talked for a good ten minutes and I saw her laugh a few times. Elliot later came over to me and told me he knew how she felt. He had been very shy when he was a child and said he wouldn't even try out for the football team because he wasn't confident enough. But look where he is now! He's in the Military Career. I thanked him. I could tell he helped Zola out of her shell even though it might have been just the tiniest step. I appreciated it.

Later in the night I got a chance to speak to my dad. I missed him and mom so much. I was also wondering where mom was tonight. Dad told me she was visiting a friend of hers in Twinbrook and wouldn't be back for a few days. I told him to tell her I said hello when she got back. We talked for quite a bit and he told me I had wonderful children. I told him about Fern and Fiona and his face lit up when I spoke to him about his grandchildren.

It was getting pretty late so I took the girls home and sent them to bed. It was the first night in a new house. I paid the baby sitter then checked on the little ones. They were fast asleep.

I climbed into bed and rested my head on the pillow. It didn't take me too long to fall asleep. It had been a long day.
The next morning I woke up fairly early. I went into the nursery to see that Fiona was also awake. I took her out of her crib and played with her for a bit. She seemed to enjoy the xylephone.
I left Fiona to her toys and took a much needed shower. The hot water felt nice on my skin. It woke me up.
I knew that Alpha and Zola would be up and getting ready for their first day of school soon so I started making breakfast. I was making blueberry pancakes. They both loved them. My cooking skill was quickly getting better.
The smell of pancakes filled the house. I guess it filled their room too because they came out just as the pancakes came out of the oven. I sat three plates down on the table and greeted them. They were still in their PJ's.
"Are you excited for your first day of school girls?" I asked.
"Yea! I can't wait! They have a playground and everything! I'm gonna make so many friends! Today they are gonna talk to us about after school activites!" Alpha seemed pretty enthusiastic about it all. I looked to Zola. She stared at her pancakes.
"I'm not so hungry anymore..." she said. She got up from the table and trudged toward the bedroom. I knew this must be difficult for her. She didn't know anyone at this school except her sister. Alpha would easily make friends, but Zola... she was very introverted.
As soon as we were done eating I woke up Fern and convinced Fiona to abandon her xylephone for a bit. I fed them both some apple cinnamon oatmeal.

Before I knew it I heard the honk of the school bus and Alpha was out the door. Zola gave me a worried glance and I winked at her. She seemed to understand what I meant. She ran out the door after her sister.

They were the first pick up of the morning!

After the girls left I started painting. I was artistic but I hadn't picked up a paintbrush in years. I decided to try again today.
By the time I finished my first painting it was nearing three o'clock and the girls would be running through the door any minute. I think it turned out pretty well if you ask me! I sold it for forty six dollars.
Not two minutes later Zola comes running through the door looking as excited as ever.
"Mom! Mom! Mom!" Zola shouted.
"What!? What?! What?!" I mimicked while laughing.
Soon after Zola entered the house Alpha came running in. She leaned over panting.
"Zo, you said you'd wait for me!" Alpha said annoyed.
"It's not my fault you can't run as fast!" Zola shot back.
"You know what..." Alpha started.
"Girls, stop. Just get to the point. What are you so excited about?" I asked.
"You know how they have after school activities? Well they have ballet this year! Can we do it mom? Can we?" Zola looked so excited. I was happy to see her so enthusiastic about something. I thought about it for about a minute. It was free, the girls would love it, and it would help Zola meet new people.
"Sure girls. You can join ballet class." I couldn't help but smile at them when I gave them their answer. Their faces lit up with excitement.
"Thanks mom!" They said in unison.
I told them to do their homework while I got dinner ready. They were currently learning about the theories of evolution.
I started cooking dinner right away. It smelled delicious!

As though it was timed, dinner was ready the minute the girls were finished with their homework. As we ate, they each told me about their day at school.
After we finished dinner I sent the girls to bed. It was pretty late and they had to get up early once again for school tomorrow.
"Hey Zo?" Alpha called for her sister on her bottom bunk.
"Yea?" Zola answered from above.
"Did you meet any friends today?" Alpha asked.
Zola blushed. "Yes. Arlo Bunch. He likes chess just like me."
"Ohhhhh! Someone has a crush!" Alpha teased.
"Oh shut up", Zola said embarrassed.

They fell asleep soon after.

I climbed into bed once again.
The following morning the girls were up bright and early. I opened the window and called out to them.
"Girls! The bus isn't coming for another three hours!" I shouted out to them. "It's five o'clock in the morning!"
"We know mom!" Alpha shouted back. "We wanted to jump on the trampoline!"
"Well, alright. But be careful!" I yelled. I shut the window and went back to what I was doing. I could hear them laughing from all the way inside the house.
(Just a little side note. I think the view in this picture is absolutely amazing. It looks so pretty! I think this picture turned out very well.)
I walked over to Fiona and picked her up.
"How's mama's little girl?" I cooed. She just giggled. I was having a nice time tossing her in the air and watching her cute little face when I felt nauseous all of a sudden.
I quickly, but gently, set Fiona down on the floor and ran to the bathroom. I vomited into the toilet and dreaded it.

I heard a soft knock on the door. It was Alpha.
"Mommy, are you ok?" She asked concerned.
"I'm fine sweetie. Thank you. What are you doing inside so soon?"
"I came in to brush my teeth", she answered.
"Oh, alright. Go ahead. I'll be in the living room if you need anything." I shut the bathroom door and walked down the hallway.

Now you're probably wondering how I'm pregnant. Well, I decided from now on I was going to be artificially inseminated. It would be easier. I had gone to the hospital a while ago and was impregnated. The next father I had chosen was named Moon Skyrise. He had purple hair with white highlights and purple eyes. His skin was a darker shade and he was very handsome. I was excited to see what the next baby(or babies) would look like.
After the girls left for school, I hopped into my new car and drove to the park. I would have brought Fern and Fiona but I wanted some time to myself. Something I hadn't had in a while.
When I got there I began talking to a man by the name of Aaron Parker. He recognized me as a challenge mother. I was shocked. I didn't think anyone knew about me yet. He asked me if he could participate and I told him I was already pregnant but that he could be the father of my next baby.
He responded by saying that I looked great. I blushed. Of course I wasn't showing yet. I just found out I was pregnant. But I still liked the compliment.
We talked for a bit longer and then I saw a woman come up to me. She pulled out a journal and started writing things down. Paparazzi. Great. Was I seriously getting famous already? I told Aaron I needed to go and he understood.
The second I walked into the door I saw Fern sitting in front of the door sucking her thumb.
"Were you waiting for mommy to come home?" I asked her.
"Yes!" She answered.

I picked her up and her little arms reached for me.

I sat down to watch TV to pass some time waiting for the girls to come home from school.
I was watching a documentary about some challenge moms. A lot of them looked very nice. I would love to meet some of them in the future. I could definitely see myself being friends with them.

When the program ended I heard the door close and the girls ran towards their room. I started dinner.

I got to use my grill for the first time! It was great! The hot dogs were scrumptious.

After dinner Zola begged me to play hopscotch and I agreed. Right before we were about to start baby #5 was announcing it's arrival.

I changed into different clothes and then started the game.

I wasn't very good.

But Zola was a natural!
After the game(which Zola won... by a lot) I went inside and put the little ones to bed.

I kissed each of their heads.
"Good night girls. Sweet dreams." I closed the door and turned off the light.

I worked on my painting skill a little more before I headed to bed.

The next day I painted once again while the girls played with the block table.

I paid the bills and then heard footsteps on the front porch.

"Mom! Dad!" I was so happy to see both of them.

I gave my dad a hug.
"What are you doing here?" I asked them.
"We're here to see our grand babies!  I'm sorry if we caught you at a bad time."
"Oh, no! It's fine. I'm glad to see you. Alpha and Zola are at school but Fern and Fiona are in the living room playing. You can go on inside if you'd like."
"Thanks! And I see you've got another one on the way too!"

I gave my mom a hug too.
"It's so good to see you mom," I whispered in her ear. "I missed you." She just smiled and followed me inside.

The girls were sitting on the floor giggling and looking like angels. They knew there were people here just for them.
My mom picked up Fern and was having a great time with her. Fiona began tugging on her pant leg. My mom just laughed. She adored the girls.

My dad and I played some Foosball. He told me he loved the house. We talked and I ended up distracting him enough to win the game! After about two hours my parents left and the girls came home. Since it was Friday I thought I 'd take them to the pool.

I sat in a lounge chair to relax and keep an eye on them at the same time.

They jumped right in and began swimming.

They had a hold the breath contest and Alpha won. That's Vert Forest, father of Fern and Fiona, by the way.

The girls were having a great time but then I heard Zola yell for me. I looked up and she was fine, but she was complaining that Alpha kept splashing her. Didn't I say she was my troublemaker?
"Alpha, stop or we go home."
"Sorry mom..." she grumbled.

On our way home we saw a deer on the side walk. The girls were amazed. They had never seen a deer before. That surprised me considering we lived in the more mountainous residency of Sunset Valley.

The next morning I was going to read the newspaper but I woke up to this. I shooed the cat away. Aw man! There were coupons in there too!

While the girls played outside, I tried out the sculpting skill.

The same cat that destroyed my newspaper came up to me and brushed against my legs. He/she didn't seem too bad. I fed them a treat.
The cat eagerly took the treat from my hand. I think I've made a new friend!

Later in the afternoon the girls retreated to the porch to play some chess.
While I was working on my sculpture again I went into labor. I quickly checked to see that the girls were ok and then went into my bedroom to give birth.
The pain was terrible, but I was used to it now.
I was surrounded by sparkles and then...
I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Finally! I had a boy in the house. Alpha opened the door and peeked inside. She saw the baby and immediately ran to get her sister.
"Zola! Zola! We have a brother!"
Baby #5 Lucas Moreau. Lucas means "the bringer of light." He had his father's skin tone. I could already tell he was going to be an adorable little boy. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I had finally had a son.


  1. Aww. Lucas is lovely.

    And your writing is very good. I can't wait for more of the same!


    1. I agree Lucas is cute :). And thanks! I really appreciate it!

  2. Baby boy!!!! YAY! I remember my excitement when I had my first boy!

    your picture taking skills are amazing, and your writing is really REALLY good!!

    I cant wait to see if Lucas has his daddy's hair too!

    ~Amiee and Becks

    1. I know I was so happy!And I didn't think my pictures were that great! I actually though they were terrible lol. But thanks! That really boosts my confidence. I'm glad you like my writing too. That means a lot. I have quite a lot of twists up my sleeve for the future that I hope you'll like. I can't wait to see if he has his dad's hair color either. That would be awesome!

  3. Finally a boy!
    Was getting worried there...

    Logan Fey