Monday, July 23, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Matthew was great with the triplets. The day they were born he came over and held his three newborn children. He loved them all. He came by every day after that too. He would help cook, clean, and take care of the other kids. He was amazing with them. To the kids he was just "mommy's friend" but Fiona knew better. Every chance she got she shot me a look that said, "you did pretty good mom".

He had a special connection with all three of the triplets. Something I can't really explain.

But you could tell there was something stronger there with little Primrose. He definitely had a soft spot for her.

When it was finally time for birthdays, Matthew came to celebrate with the family. Fern grew into a stunning woman with beautiful curls. She wants to master the arts.

Fiona looked about the same as she did when she was a teenager. She was gorgeous with her big purple eyes and unique green hair. Like I predicted, she became an architect.

Lucas ages into a good looking teenager. He's in the after school sports program and made it onto the football team!

Calista is an adorable toddler. She has my hair, my mom's purple eyes, and Matthew's nose. 

Primrose is the spitting image of Matthew. She has his hair, eyes, and personality. She's a daddy's girl. She's a very curious and intelligent toddler.

Mason is a cute little boy. He has my hair, my mom's eyes, and Matthew's nose. He and his sister Calista look a lot alike.

The triplets are just the cutest thing. They make my heart melt.


"Matthew are you sure? I mean that's three toddlers and a hormone crazed teenager to handle. You'll be alone with them until tomorrow afternoon. Do you think you can handle it?" I nervously asked him.

"Chloe, I've practically been living here since the triplets were born. It'll be fine. I'll call you if there's a problem, but there won't be." His smile reassured me. "Go have fun with your friends!"

He gave me a quick kiss and gestured for the door.
"Ok, ok, I'll go." I gave in. I've never been away from the kids this long. It was going to be hard, but I knew it would be worth it.

Right before I was about to leave, Calista toddled into the room.
"Mommy, don't leave." Her little lip curled and tears started to form in her eyes.
"Sweetie, I'll be home tomorrow. Don't worry. Daddy's going to take you to the park and then you're going to get ice cream! He even mentioned your favorite bedtime story!" Her face brightened at that.
"Okay mommy!" I pulled her into a quick hug and headed out the door. The kids waved to me from the window.

I got into my car and prepared myself for the long drive to Starlight Shores.

The second I walk into the bar I notice a very familar orange haired girl.
"Paisley!" I yell.

She walks over and we start to chat.
"Hey Chloe! I'm glad you could come." She says.
"So am I! Where are the others?"
"Oh, they're around here somewhere. Skye's upstairs playing Robot's vs. Monsters with Love, Becks is mixing drinks, Jessica's paying pool, and Kristine's singing karaoke."

"It sounds like everybody's having a great time!" I say.
"We are. There's so much to do in this town. Wanna go upstairs and take some pictures in the photo booth? It's a lot of fun!"
"I'd love to!" I answer.

I get into the photo booth and we start taking hilarious pictures.

Afterwards I go downstairs and sing karaoke with Kristine. We were both pretty terrible at it but it was great.

We drew in quite a crowd with our performance too!

Later on I played pool with Love,

and Becks. Becks ended up winning the game.

I then went back downstairs and danced with Jessica for a bit.

By the time we left the bar it was nearly ten o'clock but we went to the beach anyway. We all sat in lounge chairs and watched the waves splash on the beach.

After we lounged around chatting for awhile, we all got out of our chairs and laid on the sand.

Kristine talked about her upcoming wedding and all the plans she had made. We all "oohed" and "ahed" when she told us about the flower arrangements and decor.

I naturally told them about my relationship with Matthew and how I recently had the triplets.

"Looks like someone is in LOVE" Becks teased.
"Maybe." I said trying not to smile.

The second I got home I collapsed on the couch with exhaustion. I was so tired. I hadn't slept in over 24 hours. It had been a long day/night but I had loved it!

Right before I was about to fall asleep, I heard someone walk into the room. It was Mason and he wanted his mommy now. Not in two minutes now. He wouldn't leave me alone until I picked him up.
"I missed you mommy." He said.
"I missed you too little man."

Note: I'm sorry it took me so long to get this post out. I was on vacation for over a week and I didn't have wifi or sims to be able to write it. I'm also sorry if it wasn't the best post. I was in a hurry to get it out, but I enjoyed writing it!

Thanks to Paisley Parker, Jessica Mason, Skye Everard, Love Sierra, Kristine Bell, and Becks Best for letting me use your sims in this post!


  1. N'awww! Great post as always, Chloe! And thanks for mentioning Kristine in your post ;D

  2. Thanks :D And of course! I loved having her in this post. It was a lot of fun to write :)


  3. I loved seeing Becksie in this post!! <3
    matthew and chloe sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g
    first comes love
    then comes babies
    then comes marriage XD hopefully!!
    Becks pool skills are just as Ninja as my liking ones ;)
    cant wait for the next postt!!!

    1. xD Bahahahaha I cannot stop laughing!!1 i hope they'll get married :D

      Yes, Becks has amazing pool skills :D

      Thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked it! :D


  4. Okay, seeing Skye? Favourite thing ever.

    And MatthewXChloe!... Catthew.

    It was brilliant. It makes me wish I'd been a good writer in my earlier posts, so that I could go back and read mine and enjoy it like this. Good on you Chloe.



    -Bridget Everard

    1. I loved having her in this post :)

      Hahaha Catthew. I think I'll use that :D

      Thanks! You're a great writer. All of you're posts are awesome! :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks again! :D


  5. Matthew's so lovely in your game!!!!! Lol, I like Catthew.

    The triplets are so cute! I'm glad that one of them got Calista's blue hair!

    ~Calista Smith

  6. I agree :D and yea lol Skye came up with that xD

    The triplets, oh gosh, don't get me started. I could just ramble on about their cuteness. I'm glad Primrose got Calista's hair too ")