Friday, September 14, 2012

Babies 17,18, and 19

Before we left for Sunlit Tides, I aged the kids up. Violet grew into a beautiful and successful woman. Her love of animals convinced her to become a vet. She has moved to Appaloosa Plains so she can breed horses along with her veterinarian career.

Liam grew into a handsome man. He looked about the same as he did when he was a teenager, but he gained some major muscle! He decided to enter the Science career.

Lucy grew into quite a beauty. She's definitely a girly girl, but at the same time she loves playing sports. She gets along great with her sisters and spends most of her time painting.

Becks is just as adorable as she was when she was a toddler. She loves to be outside and she's a great swimmer. She's very outgoing and her and her brother Robbie are very close.

Cecelia looks a lot like Becks, but their personalities are switched. She's very shy and quiet, but she's extremely smart. She loves to read and tends to attach herself to me in uncomfortable situations.

Robbie is just so darn cute I can't get over it. His blue hair and eyes make him an adorable child. I know mothers shouldn't brag about their children, but I just can't help it! He loves soccer and is getting very good at it!

I was a bit disappointed when Ashton didn't get Rex's eyes or hair color, but I thought he was still very cute. He's a very curious little toddler and can get into trouble, so I can never take my eyes off of him.


Being in Sunlit Tides with just one toddler for once really felt like a vacation. Plus, Ashton wasn't a picky baby so not much bothered him. He'd just sit in the sand all day. The quads all enjoyed fishing with Matthew. That's all they would do all day. I have to bribe them to eat their meals.

I can honestly say that I wouldn't mind moving here, but Sunset Valley is my home. I couldn't imagine ever leaving it. Believe it or not, even though this was a vacation, I got a ton of my book written. I was up at the wee hours of the morning typing away on my laptop. Usually if I were at home, Snowy would be rubbing against my leg or sitting on my lap. But because we were on vacation and pets weren't allowed on the plane, we had to leave him behind. Thankfully though, Becks(my friend, not my daughter) would come by each day and feed him. 

About a week and a half into our vacation, I got a call from Becks.

"Chloe! I forget to mention it earlier! Darn my stupid memory..." I heard her mutter in the background.

"Mention what?" I asked intrigued.

"Logan moved to Sunlit Tides! You should go visit him! The kids could go play together!" She enthused. 

"That's a great idea! Thanks for letting me know!"

"No problem. I would have mentioned it sooner had I remembered... " She paused.
"Oh, by the way, Snowy misses you. Don't you little guy." She cooed in a baby voice.

In the background, I could hear Snowy purring. 

"Are you still at my house?" I asked her while snickering quietly.

"Er, yes. Snowy is lonely." She explained.

"So that means you're using my phone for the long distance fee right?" I faked annoyance.

"Uhh I gotta go." She quickly hung up leaving me laughing.

At around noon, I called Logan.

"Hey! It's Chloe!"

"Wow! I haven't talked to you in a while! What's up?" He asked.

"Well, I'm vacationing in Sunlit Tides and I was just informed that you live here now." I told him.

"Becks forgot to tell you didn't she?" I could sense the smile on his face through the phone.

I giggled. "Yes, she did. Good old Becks. Anyway, do you want to get together today? You could bring the kids and we could grill up some lunch." 

"Sounds great! I'll meet you at the beach in an hour."

When Logan arrived he had a basket full of hamburgers and hotdogs in his hand.

"Let's get grilling!" He shouted.

We stood and caught up for a bit.

Meanwhile, his son Blake, made his way over to the quads. 

"Hey guys!" Blake greeted.

"Hi!" They all said in unison.

"What do you guys want to do?" He asked.

"Well", Becks started, "Robbie and I were going to go biking along the beach. You can join us if you want." 

"Aw man, I can't. I didn't bring my bike." Blake explained.

"Bummer. Maybe another time?" Becks asked.


After Becks and Robbie started off on their bikes, Cecelia, Lucy, and Blake were the only three left.

"I'm going to go help mom and Logan with lunch." Cecelia stated and skipped away.

And then there were two.

"So, how long have you lived here?" Lucy asked a bit embarrassed.

"Uh, not that long." Blake replied blushing. It was obvious he had a little crush on Lucy.

"I bet it's fun living here. I wish mom would let us move here."

"It really is. I love the beach. You should visit more often so we can play together!" Blake said happily.

"That would be awesome!"

"Wanna play tag, Lucy?" He asked.


Lucy's P.O.V

It was pretty obvious that Blake liked me. The way he stuttered whenever he spoke and blushed when I talked was cute. I can't help but say that I liked him too, despite only knowing him for two hours. But hey, Romeo and Juliet is a great example of love at first sight. We played tag throughout the afternoon and then when we finally stopped because we were so out of breath, we sat in the sand watching the sunset.

"Hey, Lucy?" I heard Blake ask.

"Yea?" I answered.

"Do you-" he paused. "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?"

I blushed. "Of course I do Blake! But, we live so far apart... how will this work out?" I asked sadly.

"We'll find a way. People in love always find a way." He smiled at me.

"Blake!" I heard Logan call. "It's time to go home! Say goodbye!"

"Bye Blake." I said with a frown.

"Don't be sad Lucy. We'll figure this out." He turned to run to his dad, but then ran back to me.

"One more thing." He said.


Then he kissed me.

Chloe's P.O.V

 A few days after we returned home, I was heavily pregnant and annoyingly immobile. I was definitely carrying multiples. I was HUGE. Logan had accepted my request in joining my challenge, so I was very excited to see what our children would look like. Lucy, for the past couple days, had been getting strange calls in the middle of the night, and was acting very different. She often had a dreamy look on her face. It all amused me. I knew that she had caught the love bug... with Logan's son.

Finally, after days on the couch, I gave birth to triplets. Three beautiful little girls. Say hello to Mackenzie, Amy, and Cara Moreau!

Note: I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been very busy with school and stuff lately so I was lucky to be able to work on this post as much as I did. That's also why it's so short. Despite all of the obstacles, I hope you enjoyed it and I promise my next post will be longer :) Thanks for reading! And thank you to Skye Everard for suggesting the name Mackenzie and Logan Fey for letting me use Logan as a father :) 

Also, I found Lucy and Blake's "relationship" quite amusing. It's not complicated xD They're kids! I just thought it was cute though ^_^

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  1. Becks and I share the goldfish sized memory >.<
    its ok though, as long as we dont have to remember numbers LOL
    all of the kiddo's are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute :3 They are all just amazing :3
    awesometastic post


    1. ^_^

      Thanks :D I like Becks the best (Shhhh! The other kids will get jealous!)

      Thanks again :)


  2. Aw!
    This was a super cute post, I loved how Violet turned out. She's so pretty, would it be weird if she was part of my challenge?
    All the kids are so cute, especially Lucy (no bias bahahaha) but seriously I love Lucy! She has that awesome blue hair color, hopefully I can get me some grandkids with that haircolor? Nudge nudge.
    Anyway, I saw me, I like seeing me. Shirtless me none the less!
    You wrote Becks very well, it's just like her >.<
    I love my daughters! I can't wait to see what they look like!

    Love XOXO


    1. I do too! And no, go ahead! ^_^

      I love Lucy :D And yes, her and Blake will be making you and Chloe plenty of grandkids xD

      I love seeing me too! xD

      I know! xD

      I CAN'T EITHER!!! :D


  3. Triplets! Lucy and Blake are too cute<3

    1. I know! :D They are my first set of triplet girls!

      I love Lucy and Blake :3 They are going to make such cute babies once they are older ^_^

      Thanks for reading! :)


  4. Aww what such a cute chapter Chloe!!

    Logan's son and Lucy are so cute together, and I know they'll make it together!

    AGain, great chapter Chloe ^_^

    1. :D

      They are! ^_^ I think it's funny how kids can be so silly and dramatic xD

      Thanks! :D