Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby 20: Nobody Knows Where We Might End Up

"Mom! Mom! Get up! It's moving day!" Robbie shouted. Three of the four quads were either jumping or sitting on my bed.

"It's morning already?" I grumbled sleepily.

"Yep." Matthew answered groggily. We were both still in our clothes from yesterday. We had fallen asleep trying to put all of the kids to bed. They were all so excited about going to their new house.

Matthew and I had decided awhile ago that we needed a bigger place. It seemed I was constantly having multiples so the extra space was desperately needed. We were also looking for a bigger yard. Something the kids could run around in. Not the cramped space we currently owned. 

"Where's Lucy?" I asked.

"Here!" She responded while carrying one of the triplets, Mackenzie. I had aged them up a few days ago so it would be easier when it came to the move. (I'll show you their pictures later when I age up the rest of the kids.)

"Don't drop her!" I warned.

"I won't!" Lucy convinced.

"Mama! Lucy gave me a cookie!" Mackenzie squealed.

"She did?" I asked playfully.

"Mhmm. It was yummy!"

"That's good! Lucy, are Cara and Amy awake yet?" I questioned.

"Yes. I gave them both bottles too. They're in the nursery." She replied proudly.

"Well, looks like someone's going to be a good mother one day!" I beamed. "That reminds me. How's Blake?" I teased.

"Mom!" She blushed and ran out of the room.

Our entire house was cleared out except for a few boxes here and there and our beds. I had spent a considerable amount of time here. While I was here, so many things happened. Both good and bad. Prim died, I met Matthew, I had a miscarriage. So many memories were packed into this home, but I knew that we would be making plenty of new ones in the new house.

I ushered the kids into the car, and we set off on our drive across town. There were many repeated, "Are we there yet's?" and, "I'm hungry!", but it was still a fun ride. It took us about half an hour to get to our new house, which isn't that long, but to the kids, it felt like forever.

When we finally did arrive, the kids were practically jumping up and down. This house was HUGE. I think they were mainly excited about the backyard though. It had everything they had ever wanted.

The playground consisted of a set of swings, a slide, a tree house, spring riders, a sandbox, a trampoline, hopscotch, and a seesaw. I loved the kids' faces when they saw it. They were a mixture of awe, bewilderment, and happiness. I knew that the playground would be were they would spend most of their time.

They play room is another room the kids loved. Instead of having their toys strewn all around the house, I created this room specifically for play time. The kids love the giant caterpillar mat that was placed in the center of the room.  This room attracted mainly the toddlers. They love all of the stuffed animals and peg boxes.

Right across the hall from the playroom is the living room. All that is in the living room is a giant wrap-around couch and a fire place, along with a few toys for Snowy and a bookcase. I really loved the see through fish tank.

The dining room is quite large. I love the dining room table and chairs. It really pulls together the whole room. There's a small bar off to the left used for any parties I may have in the future.

The dining room leads right into the kitchen and I have to say, it's one of my favorite rooms. I love the rustic look of the walls. My favorite part of the room though is definitely the long counter top parallel to the actual area of cooking. I can see all of us sitting there in the morning for breakfast.

Across the hall from the kitchen is the boys room. It has a more modern look and Robbie, being the only child-aged boy at the time, absolutely loves it. Of course, like most of the other rooms in the house, it's blue.

The girls room is another one of my favorite rooms. It is entirely pink and adorable. This room also has a modern look to it and is right beside the boys room. Lucy, Becks, and Cecelia absolutely love it. They all have a bit of a girly girl side to them so they really adore it.

Across the hall from the kids' bedrooms,(there are many hallways! I am going to get lost!)there is a bathroom for the boys. It is entirely blue(to match their bedroom) and looks a lot like my old bathroom.

Right beside it is a bathroom for the girls. It is exactly the same as the boys bathroom, but it's pink.

The last room on the first floor(and also beside the girls bathroom) is the laundry room. I spend so much time in here, it's ridiculous. I even bought a small TV to place on the opposite side of the wall to give me something to do while I'm here.

Now onto the second floor, this room is basically a room for the kids to watch TV and play video games. Hopefully not too much. The screen is absolutely huge and is the only available television for the kids. I hope I don't have to resolve any problems with fighting over the remote...

The upstairs bathroom was simple and well... bluish. It also resembled the other two bathrooms when it came to where everything was placed.

Next to the upstairs bathroom is a small fitness room. I want my kids to stay healthy and there is something for everyone to do in here! Personally, I prefer the yoga or cardio workouts.

Across yet another hall from the bathroom and fitness room, is a room dedicated to music. A lot of my kids a very artistic and love painting and playing instruments. So, I created this room for them to entertain their friends and have a great time!

The room next to the party room is mainly for skills. I also added a photo booth in there because the kids saw one at a carnival the other week and spent all of their allowance taking funny pictures. Photo booths are almost always very expensive, but hey, Ebay can do great things!

When I first bought this house, I noticed that there was a big empty space in the hallway across from the nursery. So, I had two rooms built. The kids are always complaining about how there is nowhere quiet that they can do home work. I built one room for the girls...

and another room for the boys. Each room has a few computers in them for the kids to use to research and things.

Like I said before, the nursery is right across the hall from the two "home work" rooms. I, of course, made it blue.

I even put a rocking chair in the one corner to rock the little ones to sleep.

My all time favorite room of the house, my room, is ENORMOUS. It has a large blue bed, a mirror for dressing in the morning, a reading area, another TV for Matthew and I to use, a desk, and a beautiful blue carpet. I love it so much!

My private bathroom is also blue. I know, I know, what a surprise, huh? I really do love blue!

Also in the backyard is the pool. The kids squealed with delight when I told them we would have our own pool. It's very big, and deep, so I have to be careful to watch them. I don't want any of them to get hurt.

Last but not least, in the very back yard, is a small sitting area to roast marsh mellows and enjoy the outdoors. Like I said, this house is huge, and I know that I'm going to get lost quite a few times!


Lucy grew into a gorgeous teenager. Her and Blake Skype each other everyday and I find it cute. I remember myself at that age. She always talks about him and calls him constantly. It gets annoying at times, but I know that he really cares about her too.

Becks is quite the beauty also. She love sports and has taken a liking to field hockey. She has her eyes are some boy in her Biology class and prom is drawing here... ;)

Cecelia has a very pretty skin tone, but it's very pale. She loves traveling and is fascinated by different countries and cultures. I could see her going into the same career as Matthew when she's older.

Robbie is still such a handsome kid. He doesn't have a girlfriend, but has a big crush on a girl in his class. I'm not sure who she is, but from what I've heard, she's very friendly. He still plays soccer and made the varsity team at his high school!

Ashton has no visible signs of his father in him. Well, that I can see. He still is quite the cutie though. He's taken an interest in law enforcement and loves solving "mysteries" around the house.

From left to right: Cara, Mackenzie, and Amy. Cara has Logan's blond hair and my blue eyes. Mackenize has red hair and strange grey eyes, and Amy has my blue hair and Logan's green eyes. They are all just so adorable I can't stand it. All three of them have such bubbly personality and high pitched laughs. Despite their very same personalities, they look nothing alike.


A few days after we had settled into our new home, I was walking to my bedroom when I noticed something I hadn't seen before. It looked like an old piece of technology. Almost like an ancient elevator if I had to describe it, which may sound foolish, but that's what it looked like to me! I slowly walked over to it and say a small keypad.

I stared down at the keypad, and a thought struck me. I had heard of time machines before. I never thought they existed though. Was I standing in front of a time machine? Did I have the option to go to the future? Well, with me being the curious idiot I am, I punched in a random number in the future and the doors opened.

I took a deep breath.

"Ok, Chloe, relax. Nothing bad is going to happen." I said to myself. Right?

I stepped inside the doors and was immersed  inside a blinding purple light.

I felt like my body was being pulled in every direction and it was very uncomfortable. I immediately regretted doing this.

I began to panic when finally, the pulling sensation subsided, and I found myself standing in a lush, green, environment.

I had fallen when I had "landed" and was still lying on the ground. The smell of fresh grass and flowers filled my nose and I couldn't help but smile. Even though I had never been here before, I knew I was in Hidden Springs. I stood up and took in my surroundings.

"Chloe, why don't you take the kids out to play? I'll be out in about fifteen minutes. Just let me finish grilling up these hamburgers." I heard someone say.

I quietly made my way over to where I thought I heard the voice come from and peered through the fence. What I saw made me gasp. Not too loudly thankfully, but loud enough for her, well me, to hear.

I saw future me look in the direction I was standing and I ducked. Thankfully, she didn't come over to check it out or I would have been dead meat.

I noticed she was carrying a child. Both in her arms and in her womb. She looked to be about three months pregnant. At first, I just assumed that the child was a baby that would be in my challenge, but then I realized that there was no way that I would have moved to a different town in the middle of it. It's just not something I would ever dream of doing.

So, this had to be after my challenge. Didn't it?

I then heard the laughter of a young child and my eyes darted to the source of the noise. A young boy, about six years old, was climbing on the jungle gym in the back yard.

"Be careful Max!" I heard myself yell. "We don't want broken bones! I've had over 100 kids. None of them broke a bone. I'm not going to let my first experience with them be with my 101st kid." I heard myself chuckle after I said that last sentence.

"I will mom!" He shouted back.

So he is mine. I thought.

Both of those children definitely are. They look too much like me to not be.

I continued observing myself and the kids when something dawned on me. There was someone I was talking to earlier. Who was it?

I watched myself put the little girl on the ground and shout to the boy.

"Max! Watch your sister for one minute! I'll be back outside in a sec." She said.

"Ok mom!"

I watched myself go back inside and strained to hear the conversation.

"Hey honey, how's lunch going?" I heard her ask.

"Great! I should be finished in five minutes." No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't see who she was talking to.

"They look delicious." she stated.

"Of course they do, Chloe. Anything looks good to you right now. You're pregnant." He laughed. So I was right about that.

"Haha. Very funny." I saw her smile.

He pulled her in for a kiss.

"Wow. You haven't kissed me that great since our wedding day." She giggled.

"Well, ya know. I try."

I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation, but I saw myself coming back outside.

A few seconds later, I saw the door open once again he began to walk out. Before I could see his face, I was sucked back into the time stream.

When I was thrown back into my hallway,I nearly fell over once again, but controlled my balance. I couldn't quite comprehend what I had just seen. I was obviously married and had children, but something bothered me. Something that I had been thinking about the second I saw that little girl.

Both children had light brown hair.

Matthew's hair is blue...


Later that afternoon I fed the triplets their lunch. When Cara threw her plate off of her high chair, I didn't even scold her. I kept thinking about what I had seen earlier. Maybe the children are adopted? No. They look exactly like me besides the hair. I just cleaned up Cara's mess and fed the Amy and Mackenzie.

Amy just giggled at her sister and patiently waited for her food. Then she said something that upset me.

"I want my daddy!" She whimpered.

"Amy, you know your daddy lives in Sunlit Tides. You just saw him the other day! He had to go back home though. You understand that don't you?" I gave her a look of concern.

"Yes mommy. When will daddy be back?"

"I don't know, sweetheart."

I finally got to feeding Mackenzie and watched her gobble up her food while still thinking about earlier. Should I go back into the machine? Will I see more?

After the girls finished eating and had been put down for their naps, I decided to work out a bit to clear my mind. It was working out well until Matthew walked in and I relived it all in a second.

"Hey!" He started. "Where've you been? I've been looking all over the place for you!"

"I, uh, I've just been working out." I answered. I felt the blood drain from my face. Why did I feel so anxious?  I then realized I didn't want him to know what I had seen. I was afraid of how he would react. Was the man that I had heard him? Maybe our kids just had a random hair color. That's happened to a few of my kids. But to both of them? I just didn't understand it and until I did, I didn't want Matthew to know.

"Are you ok?" He asked. "You look different."

"Oh, no. I'm fine. Just nauseous. You know, pregnancy and all..." I explained. "I'm actually going to make a trip to the bathroom now. Those pancakes we had for breakfast aren't treating my stomach very well.."

"Oh, alright. Feel better." He quick kissed my cheek and then I left the room.

The next father in my challenge is a man named Clarence Magik. As you can see, he's a fairy. I was ecstatic when I found his sperm. He has light purple skin, pink hair, pink eyes, and sparkly wings. I can't wait to see if the baby or babies is a fairy!

After vomiting in the toilet repeatedly for the next hour, I rinsed out my mouth with listorine and woke up the triplets from their nap.

I wanted to give each of them a chance to ride the spring riders. I knew that they had their heart set on riding one since the day we moved here. I let Amy go first and she really loved it. The little giggles that escaped her mouth made my heart melt.

Cara's face just lit up when it was her turn. She loved the rocket ship the best because it counted done from 10-1 before it started moving. She loved sitting in anticipation.

Mackenzie's favorite is the sea horse because it blows bubbles while you ride. I swear, she enjoyed popping the bubbles more than she did the actual ride. When each of them had had their turn, I retreated inside with all three of them to start dinner.

I was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day, so when it came to dinner, it was going to be something simple and easy. Pasta. Who doesn't love pasta?

When I had finished cooking, I began getting drinks out when I saw Snowy helping himself to the spaghetti I had stupidly left on the counter. Great. I ended up having to buy a pizza which everyone was happy about.

After everyone was fed, I sent the older kids to bed and took the little ones into the nursery to rock them to sleep.

It took a lot longer than you would think. Lucy had stuffed all three of them with sugar filled cookies. She loved to spoil them. Mackenzie to the longest to fall asleep. She was convinced that her daddy was coming to read her a story and she wanted to stay awake and wait for him. Eventually she did fall asleep, but I made a note to call Logan and set up a visit.

 They all look so peaceful when they are asleep.

The next few days flew by, and I found myself giving birth to a beautiful baby girl that I named Elle. I was ecstatic that she inherited her father's skin tone and judging by the sparkles that constantly surrounded her, she was in fact, a fairy. I tried to focus on the kids to get my mind off of the strange adventure I had had the other day. I convinced myself that I would find out it time, but I was still dying to know.


Note: I'm sorry for all of the picture spam when it comes to the triplets. Logan really loves his kids xD Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :D


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    ~Amiee and Becks

    1. I do too! :D

      I can't wait to see what she looks like! ^_^

      Logan babies= *dead* <3

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    The new house is lovely. The kitchen and the tv/video game room are my favorite.

    Elle is so adorable! I can't wait to see if she has any more of her father's features!

    Great post, Chloe! Though it makes me sad to think that Matthew might be going. :\

    ~Calista Smith

  3. You'll find out eventually :)

    I love it too :D I had a lot of fun making it.

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    I am really curious to who that man is...
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    1. I know right! ^_^

      You'll find out soon :)

      I thought so too! :D

      Neither can I! :D

      Thanks for reading!


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