Sunday, September 02, 2012

Baby 16: I Can't Believe It!

Lucy grew up into an adorable little toddler. She has Robin's blue hair and bluish eyes, along with his nose, skin, and lips. She is the spitting image of her father.

Becks I have to say is an absolute cutie. She has my blue hair, my eyes, Robin's nose, his lips, and his skin.

Cecelia looks a lot like her sister Becks except it looks like her skin is lighter. She has my blue hair, my eyes, Robin's nose and lips.

Robbie is going to be a little heart breaker. I can tell already. He has my hair, Robin's eyes, nose, lips, and skin. I was surprised that all of them got many of Robin's features. I was glad!

Violet kept her hair in the same style as she had as a child. She still loves animals with all of her heart and hasn't given up on ballet.

Liam is a ladies man. Every girl in his school is after him, but yet, he's waiting for the right one.

Calista ages into a beautiful woman. I am so proud of her. She's gone into the medical career. I was ecstatic when she told me. Maybe this means I'll get a discount for the kids' checkups! 

Mason ages into a good looking man that greatly resembles his father. He's decided to also go into the journalism career so him and Matthew will work together. I was thrilled when he told me. As Mason and Calista left the house, I couldn't help but get teary eyed. I was going to miss them so much I can't even explain.


While I sat in the desk chair typing away, I heard the cries of not only the quads, but of Matthew too. I had recently started writing the first few chapters of my book and it was going pretty well. Besides the fact that I had to stop every few minutes to tend to the kids... 

I spun around in my chair and laughed out loud. Three of the four little ones were clinging to him and screaming at the top of their lungs. Matthew had a look of horror on his face.

"Please, I am begging you. Never have quads again." He pleaded. I couldn't help but smile.

Seconds later the sound of little padded feet came running down the hall.
"Nobody waited for me!" She wailed. She stopped a few feet in front of me and stared at me with her blue eyes red and puffy.

"Come here Cece." I cooed. I scooped her up in my arms and tossed her into the air.
"No, mommy! No!" She squealed. I laid her back on the ground and sat back down at the computer.

"Oh no you don't!" Matthew said.

He pulled me out of the chair and attempted to kiss me, but I pulled away playfully.
"Never!" I shouted making a run for it down the hallway. I could hear the giggles escape the mouths of the kids as he chased after me.

I was making a bee line for my bedroom when a wave of nausea washed over me and I changed my route. I sprinted into the bathroom just in time to vomit my breakfast into the toilet.

The next father is a man by the name of Rex West. He eerily resembles my friend Becks, but I decided to use him as a challenge father anyway. He has gorgeous purple hair and yellow eyes. He also has the cutest little birth mark underneath his right eye!

"Does this mean I win?" I heard Matthew ask from the doorway.
"Very funny, smart guy." I laughed.
"You feeling okay?" He asked with concern.
"I'm fine, thanks. Just morning sickness."

"Hey, when you get a minute, can you meet me in your room?" He smiled when he said this.
"I feel like I know what you're thinking, but at the same time I'm completely lost. But yes, I will meet you there in a few minutes. Just let me brush my teeth." I replied. His faced changed into a look of satisfaction and he left the room.

A few minutes later I was lounging on my bed while Matthew stared at me.
"I wanted to talk with you in here because it's the only place the kids can't bother us. Well, most of the time." He explained.
"Okay..." I stated confused.
"I've finally been told I'm traveling somewhere for my job. My boss thinks I'm the best journalist for this trip."

"You're leaving?" I asked. A bit of sadness made my chest tighten. "When? For how long?"
"Well, we'd be leaving in a week and would be staying for two weeks." He explained with a smirk.
"Wait, we?" I asked in shock.
"Yes. We. Us. The kids. My boss said the whole family could come!" He said with excitement.
"Matthew this is great!" I said delighted. "Where are we going?"
"Well, that's the thing... I'm not sure you'll like the location." He replied biting his lip.
"Matthew..." I said with a worried tone.
"We're going to Sunlit Tides!" He shouted. I jumped out of bed and squealed with excitement.
"Sunlit Tides?! Oh my gosh! We're going to Sunlit Tides!! I can't believe it!!" I threw a pillow at him.
"What was that for?!"
"For scaring me half to death!! I thought we'd be going to some insane location!"

He hopped out of bed, grabbing a pillow as he ran towards me. Before I could even defend myself, I was whacked on the side of the head. While feathers were flying everywhere, our laughter filled the room. We were grown adults, and yet we were having a pillow fight while squealing like children.

Matthew claimed he "won". When I pretended to be sad about "losing",he pushed me up against a wall and gave me a passionate kiss.
"Better?" He asked.

I then heard something fall over in the hallway.
"Violet! You completely gave us away! Now they know we were listening!" I heard Liam shout. Matthew and I laughed.
"Well it's not my fault Snowy tripped me!" She fought back.
"Oh sure. Blame it on the cat." He taunted.
"Mom!" I heard Violet yell for me. "Liam's being a jerk!"
"I am not!"

"I better get out there before it turns into World War 3." I told Matthew.
"I agree. I'll stay in here just in case you need back up." He replied in a serious tone which just made us laugh even more.

The next few days flew by so quickly I didn't even realize I was in labor at first. Like always, I went into my room to give birth while Matthew entertained the kids.

Introducing baby #16, Ashton Moreau. Ashton means "ash tree settlement", but I named him Ashton mostly because I liked the sound of it. 


  1. Aww. I lov the new kiddies name. And all the existing ones of course. This was a good post. I cant wait to see what she gets up to in Sunlit tides, it should be fun. I keep meaning to send Skye.

    I was reading a book yesterday and a character in it was called Mackenzie Moreau, I thought of you. So what the heck. I'll suggest it as a name.

    Ummmmmm.... farewell. Sorry for the crapiness of this comment. The tablet is hard to type on.

    1. Thanks ^_^ I do too.

      Thanks! I can't wait to send them there. It's a very pretty town.

      :D I will use that name! Thanks for the suggestion!

      Hahahaha! I know what you mean. It is hard O.o

      Thanks for commenting! :)


    I love Ashton! Hopefully he will get his daddys purple hair ;)
    Very romantic *hint hint*
    I loved this post!

    1. I know! I love them so much!! <3

      I hope so too! He would look so cute :3

      I can't wait! :D

      Haha I know xD

      Thanks! I'm glad!


  3. The chapter was SO great. The quads seen just made me laugh out loud!! Cecila is just the cutest!!

    Great great Chapter, Can't wait to see Sunlit Tides :D

    1. Thanks! It made me laugh too xD The look on Matthew's face was pretty entertaining.

      I can't either ^_^

      Thanks for commenting! :D


  4. Haha, you used my challenge mother look-a-like idea for the father. ^_^

    I loved this chapter SO much! Matthew is so sweet to Chloe!

    I'm really excited to see what happens in Sunlit Tides. It's such a pretty town. Maybe Ms. Chloe will wreak havoc among the innocent citizens? :P

    Great post! ^_^

    1. I did! It's a great idea. Maybe I'l use Paisley... ;)

      Thanks! I know ^_^

      It really is. xD I don't even know what I'm going to have happen yet!

      Thanks again! :D


    I love Lucy!!! <3 She's my new fav.
    The better visit me while they are here!


    1. :D

      I do too ^_^ <3

      Yes! I can't wait! :D

      :D I'll try to work that into the story!

      Thanks for commenting! :)


  6. Haha, I love the challenge father this time around.

    The whole bedroom scene with Chloe and Matthew and the kids was hilarious. Being quiet is never a strength with little ones.

    Coolio, they're going to Sunlit Tides! I can't wait to see what their house will look like! I think Sunlit Tides is such a pretty world! The Moreau's will have so much fun there.

    Daw, Robbie! He looks great in my game, btw. ^_^

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Me too! xD

      I'm glad you liked it! :D

      I can't wait either!

      Yay! I can't wait to see him in your blog! :D


  7. Aww, they are so adorable! Hay for Sunlit Tides!

  8. Finally caught up! >cheers<