Saturday, September 22, 2012

Babies 21 and 22: Are My Eyes Deceiving Me?

The kids aged up beautifully like always with the quads going first. Lucy decided to become an alchemist because of her love of chemistry. Throughout her high school years her teachers would tell her she had a gift when it came to the subject. She loves making medicines from herbs she finds and is quite good at it. Her and Blake are still the cutest little couple. Although she decided to move to Moonlight Falls, they still see each other as much as possible. I hope to see them get married soon! Becks, being a genius, decided to become a doctor. She loves caring for people and has a big heart. For quite a while we had a little zoo because of the sick or injured animals she would bring home. I'm surprised she didn't want to be a vet, but she still loves what she does. Robbie decided he would join the military. I had heard recently that his father, Robin Moreno, was also in the military. Like father like son! Cecelia still loves to travel and is heading off to France in a couple of days. She, along with Mason, works with Matthew at Doo Peas Corporate Towers. I'm proud that all of my children are so successful.

Ashton is very athletic and has a love for sim fu. Everyday after school he does his homework and runs straight towards the training dummies. I often see him meditating underneath the cherry trees in the back yard and he has a look of relaxation on his face. It seems to calm his nerves and now I'm considering trying it.

Cara, Amy, and Mackenzie all grew up into such cute kids. They all have their daddy's nose which makes them even more adorable. Cara loves to read and write and is a very creative child. She drowns herself in piles of books and spends most of her time sitting at the computer typing away at her different stories. Amy is a bit shy and tends to attach herself to Cara. She loves to play pretend and spends hours in the pool. She's a straight A student and is extremely intelligent. Mackenzie is the most outgoing of the triplets. She has a ton of friends at school is very athletic like her brother Ashton. He's currently teaching her the basics to sim fu. I'm so happy my kids get along as well as they do.

Elle may look like a little cutie, but she has many tricks up her sleeve. Even though she's just a toddler, she's very mischievous. She loves to cause trouble of any kind. I knew I was in for it when I saw those pink wings of hers. If she ever doesn't want to take a nap(which is often) she just flies to the ceiling and stays there until I give in. Besides her constant antics, she's a great little kid.


After the kids aged up, I worked on my book. When I mean worked, I mean worked.I was on the computer at four in the morning when Elle would always wake me up. I would give her a bottle, rock her back to sleep, and retreat back to my room. I would then work until 7AM which was when the triplets and Ashton would get up to get ready for school. I would make breakfast, pack their lunches, and shoo them off onto the bus. By 8:30 I was folding laundry while Elle played with her favorite stuffed animal. The rest of the day would consist of me cleaning the house, bribing Elle to stay on the ground, and trying to squeeze in as much time at the computer as I possibly could. It had been a very long time since I had started writing, and I was pretty far along. I only had a few more chapters to write before I would be finished.

When the kids come home at 4 o'clock(most of them have after school activities) that's my cue to start dinner. Most of the time we would have a theme. Tacos, spaghetti, stir fry, or some other exotic meal from a different country. The kids loved trying something new each night as much as I loved cooking them. Tonight apparently, Mackenzie wanted to have breakfast for dinner. She thought it was absolutely hilarious. Kids these days...

I decided to make waffles anyway. It was something easy and we all loved them. So, we had waffles for dinner. Mackenzie was happy and everyone was fed. My job was done. Well technically it was after bedtime.

When all of the kids were in bed and asleep(including Matthew), I would get on the computer once again, and type away until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Which was usually around midnight. I know, I know. By now if you know basic math, this means that I only get four hours of sleep each night. I felt terrible in the morning, but the fact that I knew I was getting a load of work done kept me going each day.

In the mean time I got pregnant with the next father. I don't know when I found the time to do this, but I found I succeeded when I began vomiting the other day. His name is Vladamir Eripmav and he is obviously a vampire. It's impossible to miss his glowing blue eyes and pale skin color. He has jet black hair that I would love to see in my children.

One night I took a break from writing and decided to relax for once. Being a mother, you rarely have time for yourself. I filled the bathtub, turned off the lights, and lit some candles. I slipped into the warm water and it felt so good. I needed to do this more often. I sat there and thoughts filled my head. Thoughts I hadn't thought about in a while. Matthew has blue hair. Those kids had brown hair. I stopped myself. No. I couldn't start thinking about this again. It obviously would not be explained for a while so I shouldn't worry about it. I tried to brush it off and think of some baby names, but my mind was racing.

I got out of the tub, wrapped myself in a towel, and drained the water.

"So much for relaxing." I muttered to myself. I had spent a total of five minutes in the bathroom. I was stressing myself out.

Apparently stress isn't good during pregnancy and it can sometimes cause early labor. So when I found out that my water broke and it was before my due date, I freaked out a bit. Thankfully, my little boys weren't born too early. Although they were just a bit smaller than my other children were. Nothing too serious. Baby #21 Jayden Moreau and Baby #22 Chase Moreau. My first set of twin boys! Chase inherited his father's vampirism and I was silently praying that he wouldn't harm any of the other children. He looked like he wouldn't harm a fly, so that put me at ease.

A few days after the boys were born, Matthew and I went to meet with one of his coworkers. Matthew said he's a great guy and fantastic at his job. He would be the editor for my book. Whoever he was, I couldn't wait to meet him. Just by how Matthew was describing him I could tell he was a nice man. We sat in his office for about ten minutes waiting for him to meet with us. While we were waiting, I took in my surroundings. This man was obviously good at his job. His office was huge. The back end of it was an entire wall of books and his desk had a shiny new laptop laying on it.

I was about to ask Matthew the time again when I heard someone fumbling with the knob. I looked toward the door and a man walked in.

"Sorry I'm late!" He announced. He had reddish brown hair and big blue eyes. He smiled nicely when he saw Matthew and then noticed me. A look of shock spread across his face.

He wasn't the only one. A wave of emotions washed across my face and I sat there in silence for a few seconds until I realized he was actually in front of me. He was really there!


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    1. You recognize him? :D

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  3. YAY
    I liked this chapter, especially my children! They are so cute! <3
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    1. Yay! I think they are cute too ^_^

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  4. your kids are adorable and *gasp* he looks like the kids when you time traveled!!!

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